Are Co-parenting Classes a Good Idea?

You may hear the term co-parenting classes as you go through a custody battle. Are these a good idea?

First, you may be required by law to attend these classes as many states mandate them. In this case, you will definitely want to attend the class. If you aren’t required by law to take the classes, your judge can still order you to go in which case, you will again have to attend.

But what if you don’t have to attend a class? Know that if you have a co–parent with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues, a class probably won’t be effective for your situation, since your co-parent most likely blames you for any problems and takes no responsibility. The advice in classes is generally directed toward typical families, which means that some of it will be useless while other advice may actually cause even more conflict. You might find some helpful advice for helping your children or handling your own emotions. If you take the initiative to take a class when it is not required, this could help you appear more favorably to the court as you are trying to address the conflict even though the class probably won’t do much for that in actuality.

If attending such a class is brought up, be cooperative about attending and do your best to fit it into your schedule as quickly as possible. This will show the court that you are making the effort to work with the court and the other parent.

You may not want to attend the class at the same time as the other parent if you fear violence or drama. An option accepted by some courts is Internet co-parenting classes which may be more convenient and will keep you away from your co-parent.

Many people report finding co-parenting classes beneficial. As long as you keep in mind your that your situation is different from many and weigh the advice for dealing with co-parents carefully before acting upon it, you should pick up some helpful hints and possibly even appear in a better light to the court.